Firefox vs Chrome vs Internet Explorer

browsersLooking for the ideal browser to surf the web? Well, there is a great deal of browsers in existence currently. However, out of the many browsers, only three of them stand out tall. Google chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer are considered the leading browsers and ones that will allow you surf conveniently.

The truth is that the three mentioned web browsers have their own similarities and distinguishing clear cuts. If you are therefore looking the ideal browser among the three, a comparison will be necessary. Note that one might be ideal for another person but not for you hence the need to abide to your own opinion.

Here is a crackdown of Firefox, Chrome and Internet explorer:

Internet Explorer
This is considered one of the most trending browsers in existence currently. It has a great deal of features which complements its functionality. It comes with best security features to ensure that your privacy is perfectly observed. It is also supported by WebGL to allow you have the best access to web pages.

However, there is the downside to this browser. One of the principal drawbacks with regard to internet explorer is that it is only compatible with windows 7 and 8.1. This means that it my now work with other computers using different programs.

You will certainly like the interface featured by this browser. It appears great and provides you with ease to navigate to different web pages. In addition it is remarkably fast hence a perfect solution for surfing.

The only problem is that Firefox has limited support to HTML5. This means that you might find it challenging to access some pages especially those with a lot of restrictions.

This happens to be the most popular browser and one that a lot of people like. The commanding feature that Chrome features is the capacity to offer instant page prediction. It also has a great interface which makes browsing absolute fun.

However, the security of this browser is not top-notch. It has been claimed that you may not be safe when surfing the web using Chrome especially without the necessary precautions.

How Many Web Pages Are There

The truth is that it might prove tricky to establish the number of web pages in existence. A lot of studies have been carried out with an intension of revealing the number of web pages available in the web, but clear answers have never be reached.

webpagesIt is important to note that the number of web pages in existence keeps changing by the day. This is because hundreds of people open their personal pages every day which adds up the already existing number. This means that the total number of web pages in existence can only be estimated since it changes by the minute.

The increase in the number of pages has been greatly fueled by equal rise in demand for online jobs and ventures. It is important to note that millions of people are now making a huge amount of money from online platforms.

In addition, a lot of people are striking deals and interacting in line of business with the internet playing the major avenue. Needless to say, you must have an active web page for you to participate in any form of business online. In this regard, the number of web pages in existence is influenced by the online business trend on the rise.

Sometimes back, it was estimated that the web carries approximately one trillion pages. However, out of the trillion only 600 billion web pages are considered active. This means that there is a huge number of pages that have not been updated for a long time hence ruled out of the list.

It is important to note that any time a website takes long without update, it becomes dormant. In a different note, a website that does not use any SEO strategies to enhance online visibility is also considered inactive. You will have to ensure that your website is traced by leading search engines for it to count in the web pages census.

The Future Of The Internet

It is important to note that the internet is just several decades old. Within the duration that the internet has been in existence, landmark transformations in that line have been registered. The manner in which people used to surf in that last couple of years is not the way they are doing it today. In addition a lot of trends have been brought about with regard to the internet to enable people surf in the most convenient way.

One of the changes that have occurred with regard to the internet is the introduction of search engines. Unlike in the past where tracing a certain web page was a complete hustle, you can easily do so in the modern world with the help of search engines. The future of search engines is still believed to be very broad and promising.

It is believed that search engines will be even better in the long run. With the likes of Google, Bing, Yahoo, ASK among others, the future of the internet stands tall and more so promising. A lot of other search engines are bound to pop up along the way to make the surfing experience remarkable and great.

Inter-planetary internet is yet another trend that is predicted to occur in the near feature. A lot of studies have been carried out and a positive indication revealed. It has been confirmed that is completely possible to connect with other planets in the universe with the help of the internet. It is only a matter of time for this implementation to be made.

With inter-planetary internet, the communication between space explorers and people in the earth will be made remarkably simple. A lot of revelations will be made for a better understanding of the universe. It will also be a great complement in elevating human intellectual knowledge not only in matters to do with the space but in other things as well.